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Who are we? 关于我们
We are a Singapore-based Mahayana Buddhist group dedicated to the propagation as well as the continuation of the Shurangama Sutra,  its Dhāraṇῑ,  Avalokiteśvara Ear-faculty meditation cultivation and Mahayana Sutras.
In this Dharma ending age, we vow to work together to assist and make known the Shurangama Sutra to as many beings as possible.

On the 4th March 2016, the Truum Society successfully organized a 3-day , its very first, Avalokiteśvara Ear-faculty Meditation Retreat. It was graced and conducted by our Religious Advisor Venerable Hong Bok

我们是一支基在新加坡的大乘佛教团体。 我们致力于传播以及延续楞严经,楞严神咒, 观音耳根圆通禪修和大乘经典。
在 2016 年 3 月 4 日,Truum 社会在可敬的宏博法师的带领下,第一次成功地举办为期三天在新加坡进行的观音耳根圆通禪修班, 并与来自马来西亚的同修共同参于。
Our advisor 顾问
Shingon Acarya Venerable Hong Bok
Venerable Hong Bok holds a BSc (Hons) Degree in Chemical Technology. He is fluent in Mandarin, English, Japanese, Bahasa Melayu, Chinese dialects and has a deep knowledge of Sanskrit. He completed the Sanskrit transliteration of the Shurangama Dharani from Mandarin, with the revised standardised version in February 2016 .
He is a much sought-after Shurangama Sutra teacher. In 2012, 2014 & 2015, he was invited to conduct 7-day Shurangama Dhāraṇῑ Retreats in Sanskrit at Rui Ji Monastery in Fujian Province. In June 2015, Venerable Hong Bok was invited to Taiwan to conduct classes to the Sanghas at MahaChulalongkornrajavidalaya University (Taiwan Affiliate).  In addition, Venerable Hong Bok is a prolific speaker in the Shurangama Sutra and his talks feature frequently on youtube. 


Sample of Video Teachings from our advisor 
Venerable Hong Bok   宏博法师

Shurangama Short Course - 

Day 1 (21/9/15)

Day 2 (22/9/15)

Day 3 (23/9/15)

Day 4 (24/9/15)

宏博法師:發願弘揚楞嚴經, 應該保持什麼樣的心態?
Venerable Hong Bok: What should be the mental state when making the vow to propagate the Shurangama Sutra (8/8/15)

Venerable Hong Bok: Why are the disturbances getting more intense as we advance in our cultivation? (13/6/15)

 宏博法師:如何得到 清淨心 ?
(8/10/15) How does one attain a clear mind?

Brief talk on Sanskrit Shurangama Dharani

Sanskrit Shurangama Mantra(29/12/12)

Namah sarva Buddha...... samarthanam (23/10/14)

梵语《房山石经》楞严咒之1 :Aksobhyaya ...... stathagatosnisam

Siddam learning (23/10/14)

Why can't we use Mandarin to chant the Dharani? (23/10/14)

 梵语《房山石经》楞严咒之2 :Namo Brahmane ...... Amitabhaya

(23/10/14) Siddam training (pronunciation)

 宏博法師:楞嚴咒Truum種子字之理觀修行次第。Shurangama Truum as cultivation practice. (26/9/15) 

宏博法師:念楞嚴咒, 不建楞嚴壇場可以嗎?Could one just chant the Shurangama Dharani without entering the Mandala? (22/8/15) 

宏博法師:佛菩薩及天神仙會不會附在人體(上身)說話? 行重尊勝,教從楞嚴,導歸淨土 
Will the Buddhas, Bodhisattvas and Rsi enter the bodies of people and speak using them as proxies? (10/10/15)

欲知更多有关宏博法师新的佛法教导,您可在网上与youtube 查寻。
The latest Dharma teachings from Venerable Hong Bok may also be found on-line and youtube. 


Mahayana, Shurangama Sutras & Sanskrit Shurangama Dharani.
Diskusi Shurangama Sutra.

Hong Bok

Venerable Hong Bok 宏博法师 has compassionately shared with us a SIMPLE food offering ritual to hungry ghosts that he taught to MUBVA and Truum Society members drafted by himself.

Testimonial from the practitioner---

-> 法師,您給 Bro X 的這個方法很有效!我整理了。
(Venerable, Your instrucitons to Bro X really works! I have made a compilation of the procedure.)

->這兩天我下班後在公司門口做,第二天,也就是昨天和今天,很多大單進來. 公司新年後一直生意不好,上星期裁員了,聽說要 cut 我薪水,我告訴了 Bro X,他叫我試做這個。 
( I have been performing the rituals right outside my company's footstep these two days and the company starts to see bulks of contracts coming in.  Just last year, the company had to resort to pay cut, retrenchment exercise. I told Bro X to perform this compassionate ritual)

->After offering food at company door step, the very next day, many big big deals come in, despite half a year this company has no biz n retrenches staffs.⁠⁠⁠⁠
Download Offering instructions.

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